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Laziehound Coka


Laziehound Coka was born on November 18th in 1982 at Bilanyoni, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. He attended the primary school in Bilanyoni, then in 1995 the Inkama Catholic High School in Vryheid. From 1996 to 2000 Laziehound went to the agricultural-technical high school Sinethemba. He attended Boksburg College in 2002 and studied engineering at Pretoria Technikon. Shortly afterwards he broke off his studies to devote himself entirely to his passion for art. From 2005 to 2007 he studied print production at the Artist Proof Studio. He now works as a freelance artist in Johannesburg.

Layziehounds art examines the social and generational conflicts of South Africa and tries to overcome them. The themes of his work range from his youth experiences in apartheid to today’s social-political landscape of South Africa, which is confusing and threatening especially for the younger generation.

His works often show men in suits. The suits are the “uniform” of South Africa’s elders. They are the symbol for the self-enrichment of the new elites of South Africa, who, focused on their own merit, are not affected by the circumstances around them. Layziehounds creation process is inspired by these problems. The metaphorical symbols and images used by him are subtly provocative, but nevertheless determined in their pointe. His intention is to convey a sense of the problems of South Africa in the viewer in order to raise the mind to a higher level of reason.