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About Us

Greatjoy Art Studios is a studio gallery space that hosts, promotes and exhibits the most exotic and modern contemporary art across South Africa and the continent at large.

Set in Johannesburg, Africa’s creative capital, we connect budding artists with established masters, network seasoned collectors with invest-worthy artists, and facilitate collaborative efforts between institutions and artists.

Our studio hosts curated exhibitions (solo & group shows), art exchange programs and residency programs. We primarily serve contemporary visual artists i.e fine artists, sculptors, photographers, printmakers and filmmakers.

We also orchestrate creative collaborations between our host of visual artists, and creators from other fields like interior design, creative writing and performance arts.

Greatjoy Art Studios catalyzes a culture of crossing the invisible chasm that exists between different art specialties. We tear down these walls by fostering artistic collaboration across different skilsets, to augment creative opportunities for our artists and increase their brand visibility.

Our approach creates an inspired and creatively rich ecosystem in which talented creators benefit from coupling skilsets with other top artists who complement and reinvigorate their work in new and imaginative ways.

Our methods achieve an increased artist reach, highly pronounced brand, broader audience exchange, and access to our vast collector base.


Our vision is to foster a spirit of collaboration, accelerated mutual growth and continued exposure to novel creative opportunities.